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Arturo Rojas Moreno

He holds a PhD Electrical Engineering from Utah State University, U.S.A., and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering (UNI), A B.SC. in Mechanical Engineering and Electrician (UNI) and a Diploma for Electro and Electrical Engineering studies (f.a.) at the Technical University of Munich, Germany). Doctoral studies at the Space Dynamics Laboratory, Logan, USA. Author of the following articles: Control de Procesos Práctico y Avanzado (2012), Control No Lineal Multivariable (2012) and Control Avanzado (2001). Co-author of the book: La Investigación Científica y Tecnológica en el Perú (2005). Senior Member of the IEEE and member of ISA. Extensive professional and academic experience in the areas of Process Automation, Non Linear Control and Control of movement.